Living a good life with a Bromley escorts


I cannot believe that I am now a father and a husband. It’s just all my dream before but now I am living in it. Having a family is one of the great treasures in life. I always have the excitement to come home, seeing my wife cooking for us and your kids running to you after a long day of work is the best feeling in the world. Good thing is that I pick a good wife, I married a Bromley escorts whom I thought I won’t end up. We are just a good friend of these Bromley escorts, that’s developing into love through the years. It is not impossible to like her because given that she is beautiful woman, she is also a very good personality. Many wished to be with a Bromley escorts, I have noticed it even before. But I do not know why this Bromley escorts from never like someone even once. She keeps telling me that they are not my type and just waiting for the right one. I didn’t known that she is talking about me, and just act like normal. I really don’t put malice in our friendship, because I do not want to lose her like other woman’s in my life. I feel so bad every time I remember those girls that hurt me before, but because of Bromley escort those feelings of mine I already let go. Bromley escorts know that I am the type of man who will love deeply when I want a woman. I will always give all my best even if I lose control of myself and looking like a fool. Because that’s how I show my love, giving all of me. But those ex-girlfriends I have before never mind about it, they still choose to break my heart. The worst one is the last, we are seven years together and I am planning to propose to her in her birthday. But little did I know I will discover terribly from her, that even her family knows it already didn’t say a word to me. Our mutual friends stay quiet about it, that’s make me feel bad how I look so stupid in everyone. She already planning to break up with me because she met a guy that she thinks she wants to settle down. No one told me about it because they are trying to protect me from pain but it just double what I feel. Thanked God I met this Bromley escorts, she is an entire package woman. I told her my life story, everything about me. I do not know but I felt like being home with her even that is our first meeting. I love booking a Bromley escort, through the years I book her because I love her company.  Until one time, she told me about her feelings to me and I also tell the truth, I also have feelings for her. We have a smooth relationship for two years and after that is our wedding.  I have two beautiful daughters and a wife now.

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