Who do you want to sleep with?

We were all having lunch the other day when we started to talk about celebs that we wanted to sleep with. The funny thing is that most of the girls here at https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts have got their own idea on what sort of guy they found attractive. It just like our dates. Some of the gents that we date like to meet up with hot blondes, others like to meet up with sexy and sultry brunettes like me. What surprised me was that one of the girls wanted to sleep with another woman.

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One of the girls who has recently joined us here at London escorts is bisexual. That is not a problem at all. She is the first bisexual girl who has joined our escort service and it is nice to get to know her. Sara says that she is kind of drawn to women more than men, but she does enjoy a little bit of male company at the same time. But, when asked who she would like to sleep with, she replied Jodie Foster. Apparently she finds the American actress very attractive and extremely sexy.

It surprised me how many of the girls here at www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts said that they wanted to sleep with more mature men. A couple of the girls all wanted to sleep with Robert Redford. They found him very attractive and very sexy. He is not really my cup of tea but I do find him rather handsome. If I had to pick someone from his acting generation, I think that it would be Robert de Niro.
Some of the younger girls wanted to sleep with musicians instead. On top of the list came Robin Williams. Now I think that Robin Williams is very attractive but a bit silly. I know that he used to date escorts in Las Vegas so it could be that he would fancy meeting up with some London escorts. But then again, these days I think that he is really good boy and not into dating escorts at all. Well, I guess that we have all blown out there.

What makes a man attractive? I like dark men but the must be clean shaven. Only of the girls wanted to sleep with a guy with a beard. Men with beards have not really ever turned me on, but many women find them attractive. Thinking about my dating diary here at London escorts, I am pretty sure that I have not ever dated a man with a beard. Beards are very common in Muslim countries but not here at the agency. I don’t like men in beard as many of them really do look very old. It is okay to be a bit senior if you want to get with me, but please don’t turn up with a beard. That does nothing for more me at all I am afraid. The truth is that I would rather date a senior guy and my dream guy to sleep with would be Richard Gere. I just love his hair.