My Tarantula called Fred

Some of the girls here at London escorts keep the most unusual pets. One of the girls that I work with loves to look after her Siamese fighting fish. I am not into fish at all, but I do have a Tarantula spider called Fred. He is a sweet little guy and loves to go for walks up and down my arm. You are not going to believe this, but he seems to have a real personal connection with me. Can you have a personal connection with a spider? I am not sure about that but I think so.

sweetest and happy london escorts

Fred is a rescue spider and I got him from a friend of mine. She used to work for London escorts but moved abroad to work for some posh escort service. I had always liked Fred so I had decided to take him on. Even back then, it used to feel Fred and I had a special connection. The day I took him home, he seemed to be really happy. I had even been out to buy him an extra large tank and he soon settled in after we had a cuddle.

These days, Fred has two tanks. One here at my London escorts boudoir and one at home. When I have a couple of days off from escort agency, I always take him home with me. He absolutely loves that and he knows that he is going home to my other place. I always take care to transport him safely and he sits with me in the front of the car. I put the seatbelt around his little cage and he is as happy as anything. One night I was stopped by a policeman and he thought that I was crazy driving around with a tarantula in my car, but in my eyes, he is only Fred.

Some of my dates at London escorts are a bit put off by little Freddie, but once I have showed Fred to them, they are a bit happier. He just loves to meet people and is a great ice breaker at London escorts. Once a new date sees Fred, they always start asking questions about him. I suppose it is kind of unusual for a girl to keep a spider as a pet but I knew true love when I saw it. It was like Fred and I was meant for each other.

I think that Fred can understand what I say to him. Sometimes he just sits there in my knee and lets me talk to him. It is clear that he is listening. When he is not with me at work, I always make sure that I talk to him about my day at London escorts. He seemed to appreciate being kept up to speed with what is going on at the agency when he is not there. Does Fred like some of my dates more than others? I am pretty sure that he does and he does get excited to see some of them. He walks up to the glass and lets me take him out. One of my dates lets him sit on his shoulder and he loves that. Actually Fred knows that the gent in question will bring him his favorite food.