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I love dating brunettes, and I have found that there are more hot brunettes in Tottenham than any other part of Southern England. I have dated other girls as well but I keep coming back to brunettes. A lot of Tottenham escorts agencies have caught on to the fact that brunettes are in at the moment, and have started to actively promote their brunette Tottenham escorts. To be honest, I am probably not the only chap out there who like dating brunette Tottenham escorts.

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I don’t know why I am addicted to dating brunette Tottenham escorts but I do think the girls are the hottest that I have ever met. Not only that, but a lot of gents say that brunette Tottenham escorts are smart as well. They are sort of the new blondes of the escorts business. Blondes always used to be really hot but now it seems that a lot of gents prefer brunettes instead.

There is a fair amount of competition between escorts agencies when it comes to offering brunettes. However, I can’t say very much about it as I have found my favorite brunette escorts, and I intend to hang on to them.


Daria is one of my favorite dates, and all you can say about her is that she is an adventurous stunner. She is about 5 ft 6 tall in her black stocking feet, and has the most gorgeous brunette hair that you have ever seen. It is always brushed into that perfect sheen, and she looks amazing when she answers the door.

Daria is an open minded lady, and we have been dating for the last five months. I would love her to be my serious girlfriend but this young lady has several chaps on her tail. She in an Eastern European lady, and I understand that they are very much ind demand at the moment as well.

She looks great in her stilettos, and her 34E bust that she just loves to show off. It is actually a natural bust which is important to me. I don’t like ladies with fake boobs, there is something about the look of them that aren’t right.


Aisha is another Eastern European brunette that I date a lot. She is very different from Daria, and she has this sweet and innocent quality which I really like. Of course, she is really anything but sweet and innocent and seems to have an appetite for all things in life. She is a complete pleasure to be with at all times, and I really enjoy every moment of our special time together.

Aisha is only 20 years old, and she would love to be an underwear model. She has the perfect figure for modeling underwear with curves in all of the right places. It would be really neat if she managed to become an underwear model as I would love to date an escort who is an underwear model.

Dating brunettes is stimulation for both body and soul, and I must admit that I find them a bit smarter than blondes.

Are sex toys good for you and are they safe?

The sale of sex toys for both men and women are beginning to sky rocket, but are all sex toys what they are cracked up to be? The truth is that not all sex toys are okay, and you should perhaps be a little bit careful where you buy your sex toys. Many of the girls at Orpington escorts think that eBay is not a safe place to buy sex toys, and you may want to check out the alternatives. For instance, you will find that popular discount sites such as Group on sell a great range of sex toys. Delivery is perfectly discreet so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

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But are sex toys for you? If you are living on your own and cannot enjoy regular sex with a partner, sex toys are the perfect alternative to regular sex according to the girls at Orpington escorts. When you don’t have any previous experience of sex toys, it is best to start with the basic such as vibrators. If you are not a shy person, you can visit an Anne Summers shop in the UK. This is perhaps the most popular sex shop in the UK, and you will find that the staff are more than happy to hand out advice. Also, you will have access to some great lingerie buys.


Another great way to invest in sex toys is to turn to the Internet. There are now so many sites selling sex toys online that you are spoiled for choice. However, if you are a new comer to sex toys, you may find that it is best to turn to a site which offers you some kind of demonstration on how to use the toys safely. If you like to find a site which offers demonstrations on sex toys, you need to search for sex toys demonstrations on the Internet. You will find a whole host of very good sites which sell quality sex toys.


If you are in a relationship and one of you are new to playing with sex toys, it is a good idea for one partner to surprise the other. Lots of gents are a bit anxious to use a sex toy for the first time, so it is vital to make sure that you are really excited when you use it, but in the same time in control. The girls at Orpington escorts say that most sex toys are safe, but at the same time, Orpington escorts would urge you to play carefully. Make sure that you choose a sex toy that you think that you are going to enjoy.


Don’t expect that all sex toys will bring you satisfaction. Most sex toys are probably okay in the hands of a specialist, but if you are new to using them, you will need to appreciate that you will have to learn how to play. A couple of the girls at Orpington escorts say that once you are comfortable with sex toys, you will find that they can seriously improve and make you feel better about your sex life. Sex toys are nothing to be embarrassed about, they are something to be enjoyed on your own or by you and your partner. Have fun, experiment and above all, try to reach some satisfaction.