Sex Toys Through the Ages


Escorts have always had a bit of fascination with sex toys, and two London escorts are now hoping to open a Sex Toy Museum in Soho in London. The girls think it is a really good idea and will attract a lot visitors.

Why not? We have toy museums for rail ways, Dinky toys and all sorts of other toys. I think the escorts are right. A sex toy museum would go down a real treat, and it would be really interesting as well.

Both escorts have really done their research on historic sex toys, and surprisingly the history of sex toys goes back much further than we think.

Historic Sex Toys Galore

Sex toys have been around a lot longer than we think, and we can trace some toys back for thousands of years. They have been dug up during archeological excavations all around, and can be found on display in many museums around the world.

The Dildo

The use of dildos can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were really into sex, and dildos appear to have been found in many homes.

Some of the dildos found are made out of beautiful alabaster which is of course also known for its magic power, and is said to conduct energy. Others have been made out of wood or sculpted out of marbles. Marble may have been a bit cold for the lady but the hot Egyptian sun must have warmed it up nicely.

Some dildos discovered look like pieces of art and a lot of thought appear to have gone into their manufacture. The ancient temple of Kom Ombo in Egypt even has a murial showing their use. Both escorts recently visited the temple and were surprised at the ancient Egyptians openness about sex.

The Penis Ring

The use of a penis ring is well documented and the early ones have been discovered in China. Very few have been found so it is not known if they were used by the Chinese population as a whole, but the nobility certainly used them.

They were made out of goat’s eyelids with the lashes left on for that extra bit of pleasure. The ones found seem to date back several thousands of years, so the Chinese were certainly into the pleasure of sex.

Penis Enlargements

Penis enlargements have been discovered all around the world but the moist beautiful ones come from India. My two escorts friends have been able to purchase one from an Indian antiques dealer along with what appears to be a scripture on how to use it.

As a matter of fact, penis enlargement are mentioned in the most famous book of old time the Kama Sutra. There were many different types and many of them of them even seem to have been bespoke. In other words, they must have been made to measure for the user.

Penis enlargements have also been found in places like China and Africa. Some of the earliest dildos are also thought to be African in origin but their origins have yet to be determined by historians.

It often seems that we forget about our sexual history and may even sweep under the carpet deliberately. Perhaps it is about time that we celebrated in instead.

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